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A wide range of ski courses, based at the world class resort . From ski instructor training, off-piste courses, freestyle and everything in between, every course is designed to give you a fantastic experience in the mountains. You’ll take your skiing to the next level whilst having great fun.

The best ski coaching

Whichever programme you choose, you can be assured of receiving the very best coaching in a supportive and constructive environment - structured using our unique Training Formula. Our coaches are some of the best qualified in the country, and all have a deep enthusiasm for skiing and for helping others reach their goals.

Ski training formula

The Training Formula at our ski school combines component, challenge and free-range training on every course, as well as methodology clinics. This results in your time on the hill being varied, relevant and fun. During these training sessions, we will expose you to a series of skiing or snowboarding competencies which will change the way you understand, demonstrate and communicate methodology.

Component Training

When building sound ski or snowboard technique, it’s critical to start with a strong foundation – component training is designed to do just that.

Challenge Training

Also referred to as ‘top-down’ training, each of our challenge training sessions is designed with a particular task in mind. Unlike component training, we won’t give you all the answers here. Instead, we’ll guide you a little then leave the rest to you. Discovering things for ourselves is a key part of not only acquiring skill but retaining it. During each session, you’ll be asked to push the limits of technique or performance and occasionally both.

Free Range Training

As the name suggests, these sessions will give you free range training over some of the best ski and snowboard terrain on earth. We’ll use the power of group dynamics to push our personal limits while we explore the best of what’s hidden deep within the labyrinth of the unofficial trail map.

Skiing Tips

01. Short Turns

Turn the skis with your legs. A solid, centred stance and good edging movements will allow your legs to make all the movements and help keep your upper body still.

02. Carving

To carve the perfect turn, you need to get your skis on edge as early in turn as possible. This is best done as you are pointing straight down the slope, by rolling the knees over so that the ski edges dig into the snow and steer the skis across the slope. The skis need to be put on the edges enough that when they start turning the skis will “cut” into the snow and not slide or drift.

03. Steeps

Less experienced skiers can use slide sideways to go down a slope in a very steep traverse: Weight over the downhill ski with the upper body facing the direction of your descent. Experienced skiers use upward and downward movement to help power the skis through the turns.

Elliott Franklyn
Co-Founder of Whitenero Skiing & Snowboarding Courses